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The House Maui initiative is a diverse group of community-minded organizations, businesses, and individuals dedicated to creating a sustainable housing market for Maui’s working families.

Shel‘le, Samson, and their 8-year-old daughter live in Wailuku. The couple is working with the Financial Opportunity Center to support their readiness to purchase a home on Maui.

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Keep local families on Maui

The housing crisis on Maui has reached a critical point. A broken system is failing to produce affordable housing for working families.

As rent, housing prices and cost of living rise, local families are being priced out of our Maui neighborhoods and forced to leave the island to survive. A lack of affordable housing opportunities, particularly for our working ohana, is making it difficult for residents to thrive—and threatens the social and economic well-being of our entire community.


Of Maui families are cost-burdened. A family is housing cost-burdened when they pay more than 30% of their monthly income toward housing.

The median price of a single-family home on Maui has passed the $1 million mark.

The number of housing units Maui needs by 2025.

Our Goal

Bring all levels of government, elected leaders, nonprofits, home-builders and the community together to create 11,000 additional housing units for working families on Maui.

What we are doing

Housing supply on Maui should be driven by the needs of Maui residents. House Maui is working to create affordable housing through three main approaches:


Align New and Existing Resources

Shifting existing federal, state, and county resources for infrastructure (from roads to sewer), increasing access to new capital resources through strategies like social impact investing, and securing funding through philanthropic support.


Educate and Advocate

Increasing the capacity of financial planning and counseling providers who can create a pipeline of financially qualified families to buy or rent affordable housing on Maui and engaging families who need housing to share their voice and take action.


Organize and Engage

Fostering partnerships with local community-based organizations, residents, government, and the private sectors to address the regulatory and public policy changes needed for affordable housing on Maui.

We believe that if we work together, we can solve this crisis and generations of kama‘āina can continue to call Maui home.

About us

Created and convened by the Hawai‘i Community Foundation, House Maui is a diverse group of community-minded organizations, business, and individuals dedicated to creating a sustainable housing market for Maui’s working families.

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Sustainable housing solutions will require all of us on Maui to participate in addressing the affordability crisis that affects our well-being. Sign up to learn more about this initiative, receive updates, and get alerts to take action.

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Live on Maui and need support to achieve an affordable rental or home of your own?

The Financial Opportunities Center (FOC) can help you find a home of your own. Utilize its free programs and services to build solid credit, increase your savings, and access grants and loans for a down payment on a new home or to make that first month rent payment.

More Information

  • Call 808-727-8870 to talk with a certified counselor
  • Email to learn more
  • Office Address: Hawaiian Community Assets
    24 N. Church Street, Suite 210, Wailuku, HI 96793
  • Note: In-person appointments with proper social distancing can also be accommodated.

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