Our Approach

House Maui is working to enable access to housing for Maui county families through three main approaches: align resources, educate and empower, and organize and advocate.


Align Resources

Together, we are:

  • working to align federal, state, and county resources to create infrastructure (from roads to sewer) for affordable housing
  • supporting coordination among actors within the affordable housing ecosystem
  • securing philanthropic support to invest in organizations that strengthen the affordable housing ecosystem

Educate & Empower

Together, we are:

  • supporting residents with knowledge and financial empowerment to realize their housing goals
  • increasing the capacity of HUD-certified Housing Counseling agencies and providers that can create a wellspring of financially qualified residents to buy or rent affordable housing on Maui

Organize & Advocate

Together, we are:

  • partnering with residents, nonprofits, government, and the private sector to advocate for regulatory and public policy changes needed to create affordable housing in Maui county
  • encouraging residents impacted by the housing crises to participate in solution building

While affordable housing is a statewide issue, Maui is at the epicenter of the crisis. It’s going to take intentional collaboration with residents, nonprofits, the private sector, local and state government to bring about real change. We believe that if we work together, we can solve this crisis and generations of kama‘āina can continue to call Maui home. View a recording of our House Maui webinar where we dive into our three main approaches and share our progress made to date.

House Maui and the CHANGE Framework

Hawai‘i Community Foundation (HCF) is focused on rewiring the systems that are driving long-term systemic inequities across the state. Each of the six letters of The CHANGE Framework represents a sector, or area, that affects our community and its ability to thrive—from our economy to education. HCF recognizes that the House Maui initiative aligns with the Framework’s Community and Economy sector, and Housing Affordability and Cost of Living sub-sector. The aim is to address the current situation statewide that 56% of renters and 40% of homeowners are burdened by housing costs.